How to Attend and Speak at a Board Meeting,
Public Hearing or Workshop/Project

(These Guidelines  will work for  most Boards, Hearings and Workshops)

For a Board Meeting:
Agendas are usually posted on  websites at the least, three days before a meeting. 
Arrive early, fill out a speaker card that will be provided for you. 
(The speaker card will ask for you to give your name,  address, phone number and email address , if you have one) .
It will ask what  the Item # is and what is the nature of you comment: positive, negative etc.  We suggest that you just say "Comments". Give the card to the board Secretary.
For a Public Hearing:
In the transit world a  public hearing is most likely held because of Service Cuts, Fare Increases or budget.
 Fill out a speaker card and give it to the board secretary.
  When you  speak about a service cut or rate increase, be specific! (Which routes cuts will affect you or how is the fare increase going to affect you)
(example: I will have to walk a half a mile, there is no other transit options etc.or I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay more etc)
Your comments will be taken down by a 'court reporter' type person because a public hearing is a legal hearing. 
If you can bring others with you.
For Workshops
sign in sheets are provided ....sign in if you want to keep up to date on the issue. Staff will provide information and how to participate in the workshop....Participate!
Transit and StreetScape Projects
Visit Site/Area so you can get idea of where the project is and walk the area
If information not provided on website or by staff, ask questions,
for example:
How Long will it take to finish project?Will there be alternative 'way finding' routes? Will there be signage far enough away from the project to give people enough time to re-route? if streets are blocked at certain times of the day,  will notice be given through signage, media etc?

Do not be afraid to Stand up and Speak out!