RFTM Project Successes and Awards


Collaboration with

 Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment (SHRA),  Sacramento Resident Advisory Board (SACRAB), and Regional Transit (RT),   Issuing Free Connect Cards to  Residents in SHRA Communities


Watt and I80 Station Clean-up

From 2001 - 2010  

Augemented Weekend Bus Service from Arden/Del Paso Light Rail Station
to Cal Expo State Fair 

From 2003 - 2005

Neighborhood Ride Re-route to McClellan
Business Park Housing Program 


 Shuttle Bus Srvice  RT Job Fair from Arden/Del Paso light rail station to Radisson Hotel on Saturday



 Above and Beyond from Community Partnership for Healthy Children (CPHC) Volunteer Award 


1 Year Above and Beyond Segment on KVIE Channel 6 for RiderShip for the Masses  


 California Reinvestment Coalition Community Hero Panther Award  


 Transit/Action Regional Transit Excellence transit   individual/Transit Advocate of the Year,  Barbara  Stanton, Founder/Director


 Regional Transit Top Community Ambassador Award Certificate  Barbara Stanton