Top Banana Awards


What is The Top Banana Award

RiderShip for the Masses presents their Top Banana Award to an individual/s who has made a difference for public transit riders or an organization that makes a positive change to public transit in the Sacramento Region.  


Starting in 2018, the award will be presented 2x a year.  One for individual/s  at the beginning of the year, and one for an organization at the end of the year.

We are looking for 2020 receipents..  If you have a nomination using the defination in our opening paragraph.    email us at

Past Recipients


Transit Advocates

Mike Barnbaum and Jeffery Tardaguila long time transit advocates  were each awarded the top banana.  Mike for his enthuasiastic approach to transit advocacy for the SacRT district and the Capital Corridor.    Jeffery for his commitment to rider issues that when resolved provide a positive riding experience . 


SacT.R.U. (Sacramento Transit Riders Union)

Whose dedicated members   helped change public transit and policy for all riders . 


Cindy Brooks, Clerk of the Board, Regional Transit District

For her dedication and Service to the Regional Transit District, Transit Riders, and Advocates


Maggie Coulter and SacRideHuman
For their successful effort in changing the Regional Transit District  procurement Policy to contract with locally owned companies.

  Below in the gallery is Jennifer,  our co-founder with Maggie and group accepting award


Roberta MacGlashan
 County Supervisor and Regional Transit Director  in recognition of her dedicated service and support, especially to her constituents on transportation issues in the Sacramento region.


Bonnie Pannell

Former Councilwoman and Regional Transit Board Director,  Bonnie Pannell in recognition for her dedicated effort on behalf of Transportation in the Sacramento Community.  The  Blue Line South  Phase 1 to Meadowview, and Blue Line South Phase II to Consumnes River College are examples of her dedication.

We are grateful that Bonnie was able to be at the Blue Line Phase II Opening. 

 Bonnie Pannell  1949-2017

Pictures of Recipients 2014 -2019 have been moved to  the Photo Gallery  page.