Basic Steps

Whether you write a letter, email or phone,  include the following;

1.  Route Number (#30, blue line etc), inbound (towards town) outbound (away from town)

2.  If on bus, asked driver for their driver number.  If they do not give and its a complaint do not forget mention that.

3.  Include Date/Day of week and Time of day/night


Use Numbers 1-3 then describe what you observed about the bus or light rail operator, security guard or Rt employee/s.  For example; friendly, helpful, waits until seniors, disabled  or riders are seated before taking off etc.  Ask RT to commend this employee for their good service or deed.

You can also use the customer advocacy online form

(link in our comments)


You can call the customer advocacy phone line 916 557-4545  and they will send you a passenger service report form or you can use  basic steps 1-3  then  describe the nature of your complaint, to send by mail, or email.  Mail to RT Customer Advocacy Department PO Box 2110 Sacramento CA 95812-2110  or use online form

(link in our comments)

Our Comments

Always be as specific as possible. If the outcome of your complaint is not what you wanted, ask to take it to the next level.  If you have any questions or need help to fill out the form or write the letter, please contact us at: or call (916) 927-7446

Regional Transit Online Customer Advocacy Form